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MonoSynth Controller for Mssiah

for free at iTunes -> itunes.apple.com/app/id535743614

at Facebook -> https://www.facebook.com/MonoSynthControllerForMssiah

buy the Mssiah cartridge at www.8bitventures.com

--- Contact --- 

Mail: apps(at)griz.de
Twitter: mowlthrow

--- How to set the Mssiah to MIDI-Mode ---

After turning on the C64 you will see the Mssiah splash screen. Press any key to continue.
e.g. [space]
Wait round about 2 seconds.

Then start the mssiah mono synthesizer with
[CRSR-UpDown] then [Return]
Now wait round about 8 seconds until the mono synthesizer is started. Maybe you will hear a clicking noise on your speakers if its ready.

Now put the mono synthesizer to  midi mode.
5x [CRSR-LeftRight] then [C=]+[CRSR-UpDown]

--- Hardware Setup (example) ---